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Are you too lazy to read blogs? And you’re finding a way just to find short but helpful tips in the internet, while having a companion guide you at the same time?

Where else would you find friends on the internet but the ever-growing social networking site, Facebook! You knew back then that you can make friends in Facebook from all over the world.

And there are also groups on Facebook that caters to different kinds of people. For fans of a band, K-pop fans, co-teachers, co-citizens of a province, anything!

But do you also know that Facebook has groups catering to bloggers like you? In these Facebook groups, you can find bloggers from all over the world!

From the United States of America, to the bustling city of Berlin in Germany, and even people from the Pacific such as Australia and New Zealand, you can find bloggers in these groups from different parts of the world.

You can make friends with them and socialize, and maybe, when you go visit their country, or when they visit yours, you can meet each other in person!

Here are ten (10) Facebook groups for bloggers to kick start your search for a new blogger friend or guru.

1 | Blog + Biz BFFs

This is my most recommended group for bloggers in Facebook. I really love this group not just because Melyssa Griffin is the host, but the members in there are friendly and approachable just like what the description of the group says.

It is not only for bloggers like us but the group is also open for online entrepreneurs and creative minds to share tips for growing blogs, secrets in how their blogs became such a success, suggestions for growing businesses and much more!

With over thirty-two thousand members, who all came from different time zones, it is impossible to not find a great friend who you can share your voyage in blogging with.

With posting regularly, and being an active member, and constantly socializing with other members in the comment section of posts, you can easily make friends with your co-bloggers.

I suggest that you find someone who is a veteran, or had already establish his blog and is now making enough money from it, so that you can follow his footsteps and become the same. 


2 | Blogging Boost

Another Facebook group full of active members and fun activities is Blogging Boost. You can ask questions to other member about blogging, and help for some problem that you encounter throughout your blogging journey.

Almost everyday, bloggers in here ask suggestions about their logo, mood boards, blog post template etc. You can really trust the taste of the members about the design of your blog.

And the only bad experience I had here was when I posted a question about blog host reselling and who among them resells hosting (I know, it’s not good to have a hosting that is only a resell from others) and some accusing woman commented and mentioned the administrator of the group accusing me of being a scammer or something.

The good side in this situation is that there are concerned and keen-eyed members who can spot scammers roaming around the group. Although she did spot the wrong person.

3 | Blogapalooza Bloggers

This is my native land’s (#Philippines) most popular Facebook Group about blogging. Any kind of bloggers are welcomed here.

Blogapalooza is an event here in the Philippines where brands and bloggers meet for product reviews and such. I still can’t attend this kind of event because it’s far from home (around four-hour drive from our house).

But hoping that this year, together with my newly-made blogger friends, I can come and meet other brands and bloggers in this spectacular event. You can freely promote your latest blog post here but don’t spam the members in the group.

According to my observation, almost all of the bloggers here in this group are lifestyle bloggers and don’t have a focused niche on their blog.

And this is a great opportunity for me to share my blogging tips, and link it back to my blog. (laughs) It’s not cheating on friends, or deceiving people, but it is one of the many strategies you can use to promote your own blog to others.

4 | Filipino Writers and Bloggers Community

This group is not just for bloggers who want to make money with their blog/businesses but it is also for freelance writers to exchange tips and tricks that can help each other to find their high-end clients.

So if you are a blogger who also works side-line as a blogger, you would find this two-in-one great of a deal Facebook group!

I really, really love this group because we can be funny with our comments, oftentimes sharing our good and bad experiences from our clients.

This can be a great distraction after hours of being busy and managing your blog. After all, everyone needs a good laugh once in a while. And you deserve socializing with friends after a tiring day at work.

Think of it as a reward, as a sort of drinking-party with your colleagues during night time, after work. But of course, in the end, there are still sharing of helpful blogging and writing tips that you can use to expand your own blog.


5 | Social Media Bloggers Community

This is also a great group for bloggers where you can share your latest blog post and read others too. You should definitely check this out because there are plenty of great bloggers in here.

I met some friends in this group that really inspired me to re-focus the niche of our blog and they gave me some helpful tips that I applied in my blogging.

You can also find Youtubers, Facebookers, Instagrammers or Pinterest-ers (basically people who run social media accounts as a business) in here.

So if you are looking forward to bringing your blog to different social media sites to generate more traffic, this group will definitely work for you.

6 | Bloggers Worldwide

Like the name of this Facebook group, it is the home of different kinds of bloggers all over the world. And there is always a thrill that comes with meeting people from different places, as it feels like you are travelling around the world and meeting people in the streets of a new country.

But this experience is quite different, as you are meeting bloggers like you, in the streets of a new country.

There is a strict process that is needed to be followed when a member enters the group so that it is ensured that all members of the group are actually bloggers and not “bloggers” who pretend to be.

This ensures that you meet very decent and professional people in the group for asking tips about blogging, and other purposes the group serves for.

The group also strictly imposes rules and guidelines to make sure that the group is going to stay professional and to avoid any misunderstandings, quarrels and bitter fights between the members.

7 | Bloggers Corner

This is a Facebook group for blogger or even vloggers. It is run by two women (girl power, anyone?) and these women had done a job well done in growing the group to a seven-thousand member one that is active and filled with great members.

One thing I have noticed is the fact that the niche of these bloggers are mostly lifestyle related ones. And most of the members in this group are women, who have blogs that focus on beauty, makeup, nail art and fashion.

So if you are a woman who blogs, and have niches along these kinds, you will definitely enjoy being in this group.

You may ask each other about your interests or thing you would write about in your blog, or helpful tips you can apply on your blog to help it grow.

If you are a man however, I think you would not enjoy being in this group. However, there are also male members who you can share tips with, ask questions from and many more.

8 | Travel Bloggers around the World

We are narrowing down this list to bloggers who have a particular niche that their blog is focused on. And this Facebook group is the largest and most active group when it comes to travel bloggers.

So if you’re blog is a travel blog, you can find other people in here who has the same hobby as you: blogging and travelling.

And if you are a traveller, and you enjoy travelling the world for most of your days, when you visit a friend’s country, don’t forget to meet with your travel and blogging buddies.

This group is also great for sharing blogging tips with each other. You can ask other member’s opinion about which logo suits your website, or if the layout of your blog is clean and suits your blog well.

Aside from that, you can also ask other members about their humble beginning as a blogger to help you if you are still building your blog.

9 | Food Bloggers Central

Where my foodies at? (shouts wildly) We all love food. We love eating, we love tasting new food, we humans just can’t resist the beauty of food.

And there are some people who make eating their jobs. Food bloggers are people who find blog about the food they eat, or review about restaurant they visited.

If you are a food blogger, and you are looking for other foodies you can share your food-ly experiences with. You can find people in this Facebook group who have visited the same restaurant as you did, ate different cuisines from you, and you can all talk about your food-ly desires and criticisms about particular food.

Aside from that, you can also ask other food bloggers in this group about what angle suits best for a particular dish, or what camera is best to use in capturing foodie shots, or even the layout of your blog which suits your food adventures.

You can even ask people for initial criticisms about your blog posts, or even suggestions on your logo. This Facebook group just can be your heaven on earth if you are a food blogger.

There are many lovely people in here, who, just like you, love food and blogs about it.


10 | Fashion Bloggers Promotion

Lastly, to top this list off, we’ll finish it with a Facebook group that can be great for women who are fashion blogger. But there are also men, who are also fashion bloggers nowadays.

This group is great for promotion, posting about your blog, exposing it to the eyes of other fashion bloggers who will check it out if they are interested.

This Facebook group is a great option for fashion bloggers who are just starting out and is still building a stable reader base on their blog.

Aside from the main purpose of this group, to help other fashion bloggers promote their websites, you can also socialize and be friends with other members and share tips to each other, or ask help for problems you encounter while blogging – this can be done through the comfort of your chatbox.

Those were the ten facebook groups that is great if you are looking for blogger just like yourself. Good luck and I hope you can find your friends, or masters who will help you and guide you throughout your blogging journey!

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