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The power of hashtags is not to be underestimated. They can be used to grow your blog, to gain more followers, to be known, to expose your posts and your account. Oftentimes, Instagram users use hashtags to search for the things they are looking for.

Therefore, for you to be able to count on this search result, you must know the most popular hashtags so that you can use them to your advantage.

But before the over 100 hashtags that you can use, here’s some tips about how to gain more followers, to create more traffic for your blog.

1. Post on the right time of the day. Studies have shown that posts posted around 7 o’clock to 9 o’clock in the evening, gain more feedback than posts posted on the bright time of the day. This is because on 7PM, people are usually home from school or work. Past 9PM is the average time of sleep for most people.

2. Set your Instagram account to public. This is so that more people have access to you, and can actually see your account. Having your account set to private, will only able you to see your own account.

3. Have a theme color or theme object and stick to it. Fashion blogger? Use nice coordinating filters for your pictures. Food blogger? Stick to one or more food angles you can use for different plates. Travel blogger? You may use one angle or one filter. Something people will be able to remember your account by.

4. Have a clean nice, filled-out bio with all desired information. For a food-travel blogger, you may state in your bio, “Travelling the world in search of love—I mean, food.” Something that sounds witty, but short. Something that will trigger other people to be curious.

5. Have a nice profile picture. The profile picture of your account is what people will always see as a symbol, or logo. Take a nice one. Beauty blogger? Have a profile picture, wearing the best makeup look you’ve ever done. Travel blogger? Have a nice profile picture, showing the most interesting picture you’ve take during your voyage.

6. Post regularly. Posting regularly, gives your account exposure and publicity regularly. And sometimes, when you’re gone for such a long time, your followers will have a tendency to forget about your blog or your account. And you don’t want that.

7. Engage with your followers. Make your account interactive. Hold contests or giveaways, in which your followers will win some prizes. Make sure that you include in the mechanics, that they have to follow you on your SNS accounts and must be a reader of your blog. It may cost some bucks for the prize, but it will all be worth it. So no worries.

8. Include captions. Brief but creative ones that catch a viewer’s mind. Don’t overdo it and make your caption too long, like a novel. But instead, make it short but sweet. Something that is easy to recall. For example, “Nothing says Italian than Italian pasta in pesto sauce.”

9. Take high quality, pictures. Whether you are a photography blogger or not, take HD pictures. Nobody in 2016 likes viewing grainy poor-quality pictures. It’s not 2006 anymore, when MySpace was popular. Dig around the internet to see what’s the best angles to use, or poses to use.

10. Use the right and proper hashtags. Tag your pictures with the popular hashtags that are connected with your posts. Don’t use the hashtag, “#foodie” if you’re posting a selfie of yourself, wearing makeup. People will think you are ridiculous and attention-seeking. They won’t even give your account a once over, and forget about you right away.

Those are some Instagram tips and hacks that you can use to gain more followers. As stated on Tip #6, here are the different hashtags that you can use. Listed below are the most popular ones, separated into different categories so that you can easily navigate and find the hashtag that suits for you.

But before all, ask yourself what kind of a blogger are you really are? Are you focusing on your hobbies? Are your posts related to your work that also doubles as your pastime? Or are you just blogging about your lifestyle, a mixture of everything?

You post selfies of your makeup, or you take photos of your outfit, or sometimes you post about what you eat in a day? Then all these hashtags apply to your account.


Use them wisely and to your advantage to get the most out of them.

#blogging #bloglife #instablogger #blogger #bloggingtips #newblogpost #blogspot #bloggerproblems #branding #blog promotion #photooftheday

#focused #simplify #todolist #task #management #stresses #work #goals #achievement #productivity #productive #lifegoals

#design #instastyle #designattack #designideas #designlovers #designblog #designaddict #decor #homedecor #decorating #luxelife


#vsco #bnw #monochrome #instaphoto #macro #landscape #highquality #iphone #iphonesia #iphonedaily

#instagood #photooftheday #picoftheday #tbt #follow4follow #instamood #L4L #instalife #instapic #cute

#fashion #fashionista #fashionblogger #OOTD #outfitoftheday #fashioninsta #lookbook #instafashion

#foodstagram #foodoftheday #foodforfoodies #vscofood #instafoodlover #vegan #healthyfood #healthy lifestylde #glutenfree #dairyfree

#[yourdestination] #newyork #london #tokyo #seoul #travelblog #travelgram #lanscape #beach #city #hiking

#crafty #sewingproject #craftymom #crochet #handmade #knitted #craftholic #craftersofinstagram #papercraft

#makeupoftheday #[brandofmakeup] #katvond #esteelauder #jefreestar #toofaced #makeup #nailsoftheday

Those were just over 100 of the most popular hashtags on Instagram. These are chopped into different categories for easier access and so that you can easily spot the one which are fit for you.

Be sure to use them the proper way to gain more followers, drive more likes, and most of all, to create traffic for your blog. Before we finish this article, we’ll send you off with some tips to utilize these hashtags to the fullest. You can follow us on Instagram and we’ll definitely follow you back!

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1. Only use five to seven hashtags per post. Using more than ten hashtags will make your followers or viewers feel bombarded and spammed. They will think that you are using these hashtags just to gain fame or money. They will think negative thoughts about your account, and there is a tendency to lose these followers.

2. Check the spelling of all your hashtags before posting. to make sure that they are in fact, functioning as hashtags in which people can easily search your posts by. Wrongly-spelled hashtags will just be useless.

3. Use the best and most popular ones. Usually, this is where people surf so that when people search for posts, you can be included in that search result.

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