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Finding the perfect niche for your blog is such a tough and challenging task. Especially when you are in the starting stage. Niche is what your site all about. It helps determine where your blog is classified to.

Bloggers often base their blogging name on their chosen niche. It is quite easy to start up and create a blog and apply a design of your desire, but the content is what makes it difficult sometimes.

Choosing a niche is way too hard for people who has a lot of interests and field because blog with a niche means picking one of your many interests and make it dominant among the others. Lucky are those bloggers who already put up their own successful and progressive blogs by this time.

And by successful, I mean they passed the struggle of finding the perfect niche for their blogs because focusing on one category give more chances of traffic.

With a niche blog, you will easily determine why certain people visit your blog. Ever wonder how they made it? Below are some tips on how can you figure out the right and perfect niche for a flourishing blog of yours:

1 | Think About The Stuff You Are Really Interested Of

It is important to know what your interests are for you to find blogging so much easier. Like traveling, cooking, playing a specific sports, riding and driving vehicles, digital marketing and many more.

That is what blogging is all about – sharing interests. It is important that you are interested with what you write so that you will not run out of ideas.

Sharing things which gives you fun might absolutely make your readers fun too. In that way, they may also share your article that will gain more readers and good reputation.


2 | Choose Something That Fits Your Personality

This requires self awareness. It is essential to know yourself first. You should know what your passion is. Think about the things you love, you can also make a list.

It may include love for nature, movie-binge, making craft, painting, poetry, being spiritual, being addicted to a Hollywood star, and love itself. Pick the one you love the most and what you are really good at – so you can easily give your best and not regret later.

You will not have a hard time in writing about that because it is already in you. All you have to do is express.

3 | You Can Also Consider Your Chosen Field

If you already graduated, either as a preschool teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, an entrepreneur or as a businessman, you can blog about your job.

How is it like to be doctor for example, how do you fulfill being such every day, pieces of advice, tips for obtaining success and even listing down what a does a doctor is responsible of.

You can also consider this tip even if you are still in college. You can talk about the course you are taking up and you can discuss what you learn in your lessons.

Readers with the same class will surely appreciate your blog and give ideas for the upcoming freshmen who have not chosen any course yet. Isn’t it helpful?

4 | Remember The Purpose Of Your Blogging

Is it just for fun? Is it to educate? Does it intend to be an eye opener? Do you want it to be your source of income? It is also important to remember your purpose of blogging to effortlessly name your niche.

It helps lessen the time you will spend just to figure what your niche is going to be. If you know what is your purpose then you are done.

Note: Most of bloggers do blogging for a living. So choosing the perfect niche that fits in you at the same time will catch the attention of specific readers that have something to do with advertisements, affiliate links and most of all products is the best way to go..

Chances are, you might pick the niche that is based on the availability of affiliate marketing agenda and not include your interest. But still, it depends.


5 | Choose Something You Think That Will Last

This is the most important one. Above all your choices or list, which of them do you think you can write about for a long period of time.

Nobody wants to be abandoned, even your blog. But seriously, pick that topic if you surely have a lot of ideas about it or else, it will likely to end up soon.

Think further with each and every topic; ask if you can write about it as often as every day, as many as 99 articles, and as long as forever. If yes, that may be the right and perfect niche for your blog.

FAQ: What if I have my current blog that is about more than one topic?

If you have your current blog that contains several topics, you will likely to identify what niche to go for right away (if only you are planning to).

You only need to consider few and uncomplicated things like: checking your blog and observing which topic that has the largest number of articles written, looking at the stats and identifying what caused traffic the most – surely the readers find them fun, interesting, reliable, and well written, in that case you do not have to worry about regaining readers’ focus at all.

Still having a hard time choosing in all your topics? Try removing some inappropriate articles and those ones you think you may rate as the least.

Start up now with your niche blog. Being on focus in one topic does not mean sacrificing the fun in blogging. If you are able to write what you really want, it is less likely to result a dull content.

It is just very helpful to you especially when your audience is focused in your blog too. Remember that choosing your perfect niche has a lot of benefit for every writer such as less stress in writing time, and most importantly, a unique blog.

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