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Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most used social networking sites, indispensable for both teens and adults alike. With its total population now at 100 million users and daily traffic of 50 million, we understand the allure and opportunities of a huge following.

Here are 5 useful hacks that will make you Instagram-famous in no time.

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1 | Be Memorable

The common mistake most Instagram users make is choosing the worst, most difficult to pronounce or spell usernames that the history of internet has ever seen.

As much as some of them make sense or are funny enough to remember, most of them just fade into obscurity because it doesn’t induce any recall. Would you remember @rexasuxii1402 at any point? Most likely not, right?

Even celebrities and Instagram personalities avoid hard to type or memorize names. Follow their lead on that one.

But just because you’re not using some alien username, that doesn’t mean that you should give up on having an interesting one either. Choose or coin a username that best fits you, at the same time something that would best resonate with the followers you want to have.

Also, to be memorable is to be cohesive. Most successful Instagram accounts have a running theme, at least apart from the celebrity accounts.

They can be anything, from the photos of a world traveler to a foodie’s kitchen. Stick to that theme and grow it. This becomes your brand to your followers, and it makes it easier for them to remember you.

So be it the username or the content, don’t confuse them. The key to being memorable is to knowing what you and your account are about and making sure that comes across every single time.

It makes it easier for followers to talk about you and recommend you to their friends.


2 | Post relatable and exciting photos

The worst thing that your account can be is boring. As much as you want to stick to a theme, make sure that whatever you post, it’s exciting and different.

It is human nature to talk about something that makes you feel a strong emotion—be it laughing hard at a picture or a guy falling over, tearing up at the sight of grandpa alone on his birthday or pining for the most beautiful dress you’ve ever seen.

A picture has to affect someone enough for them to share it or comment it for you to gain more traction and followers from it. That’s one way to make your picture and account viral.

The other way is to capitalize on an existing trend and ride the wave of its popularity, like posting photos of chokers during Coachella.

Apart from being seen as someone who knows what’s going on, posting relevant photos lessens the need for you to market that photo yourself.

Everyone who’s looking up the particular tag is already seeing your photo. Really, who doesn’t want free marketing?

3 | Captions, hashtags and comments

Keyword: reach-out. Captions, hashtags and comments are your tickets to other people’s accounts. On you captions, addressing your followers or asking them questions keeps them engage and coming back for more, maybe even with their friends.

Take advantage of that space to ask them questions you know they would want to answer or pepper with interesting facts that will keep them guessing or asking.

Apart from trendsetting, creative hashtags make you easier to find and connected to other similarly popular posts. However, remind yourself not to tag a photo with most the obvious things like #taco or #bag because most likely, there are thousands of posts with that same tag.

Think about something a little more specific but unique to tag your picture with.

Finally on comments, respond to your followers. Make them feel like you’re a part of their conversations. You don’t have to do this for each one, but do respond to the best or most liked ones to gain some good rapport and keep the discussion on your profile going.

On all these three means, what’s important is how you treat your followers and would-be followers. The most engaging Instagram accounts get to keep and grow their followers the most.


4 | Redirect

I’m more than sure that Instagram is not your only social media. You most likely also have Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook or even your own blog.

Make sure you link you Instagram on all of them. As much you think your followers on all your social media already know about your Instagram, it doesn’t pain you to remind them, right?

You can even try teasers for content that you’ll only post on your Instagram, but you talk about on all your other social media. It will entice them definitely visit and follow your Instagram if they don’t already.

You’ll be surprised at the amount of traffic you actually gain.

5 | Get some outside help

It’s now becoming a common culture that Instagram owners feature each other on their accounts, much like YouTube collaborations.

Apart from the opportunity to get to know each other, you also get to tap into each other’s followers. You can also work to get featured by Instagram itself.

They have their own blog, an Explore page and suggested user list. If you know people on the site, then good for you, but if not, you can either email them and talk about why you deserve a feature or make uniquely, possibly viral content that could entice them to help you out.

To sum it up, gaining Instagram followers takes a lot of work, but it can easier if your work smarter.

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