ways to know if blogging is for you


I’ve been blogging for a year (9 months of lifestyle blogging and 3 months of business blogging) and now I really know that blogging is the right path for me to pursue.

I prayed to God if blogging as a career is His plan for me after I finish college, (soon!) and up to now I have no problems when it comes to updating and maintaining my blog. Everything is going well so it’s okay, right?

Blogging is not an easy job. It takes time, money and commitment for you to grow a blog and turn it into a business. But the real question that needs to be answered right now is “Is professional blogging the right career for me to pursue?” 

I’m not talking about hobby blogging wherein you only blog just to unwind feelings and share rants on your personal space online, we’re talking about blogging professionally, blogging to give value and content to your potential clients and customers, sharing your expertise online through written words and most of all blogging to gradually transform it into a business.

So to cut the shenanigans out, here are the ways for you to know if professional blogging is right for you:


Obviously, you will not last in the blogging race (and you will not start either) if you do not love to write about the things you’re most passionate about.

It can be about travelling, fashion, cooking meals or baking desserts, and like this blog, blogging (a blog about blogging, pretty funny eh?). Writing is about 30-40% of the blogging process that is exercised by many pro bloggers online.

Writing a post that will be published online is not like writing a piece on a textbook. Your blog posts should have a voice, a voice that will be easily heard by your readers.

Your posts should be in a conversational tone so that your readers will be easily engaged with the topic that you’re talking about in a certain post.

So if you still doubt if blogging is really right for you, ask yourself, “Can I write and write every day or a few times a week without being freaked out?” If your answer is a big fat YES, then you can check a worry out of your chest.


Who doesn’t love surfing the web right? If you’re like me who spends 5-7 hours every day to browse Social Media handles (especially Pinterest because duhh?

There are plenty of pretty photos and smart ideas you can get from there, right?), other blogs about finance, business and work at home, and most of all YouTube that gives me relaxation every time I engage myself into a video marathon.

When you want to pursue your blogging career, you will spend all your working time online wherein you will update your blog consistently, talk to your clients and most of all cater your customers with all the informational products you can offer affordably.

You know what? In my experience regarding blogging professionally online, surfing the web gives you more ideas on the content that you can post on your blog.

Also, it can give you the opportunity to interact with other bloggers and learn marketing strategies from them.

Do you enjoy surfing the internet? Are you a teen who spends time by surfing the social media?

Although surfing the internet can be considered a lazy, and unproductive hobby, turn it into your own job, and impress people by making money and doing what you love by just sitting for hours.



When you don’t have the passion on what knowledge you want to share on your blog, you should not think of starting one.

Blogging needs some huge writing and promoting sessions and without passion, you can’t do those two important things that can really help you grow your blog. 

If you do not have passion, your blog will just be another waste in the online world. You should be passionate on what you really want to cater to your potential customers and clients.

Your blog will not grow in itself if you don’t work, work and work for it every single day. Without passion, it will not grow into a successful business that you wish to turn it into.

A perfect example is when raising your children. Your kids will not grow into fine, successful individuals if you will not take care of them, put your time, effort and love into caring for them and guiding them through their way in life.

The same goes for your blog. Treat it like your baby, like it’s a part of yourself and it will flourish into a successful one.


If you want to turn your blog into a business, if you want to grow your blog and make it very popular in the whole wide world, and if you want to reach out to those customers and clients to drive more sales to your products – TAKE A RISK!

Taking risks are not only applied in the offline world but also online. For you to reach your goal, you should take risks and try everything you can to make things happen.

If you want to hire a Virtual Assistant to help you grow your blog, you are in doubt if it will be worth it but this I tell you “Falling down will really happen so why not take the risk and feel the pleasure of trying and learning from it”. Am I right?

Blogging is not something that is definite. There is no instruction manual when it comes to blogging. The ending is indefinite. Your blog may be a success.

Your blog might be a failure, and if it might, pick yourself up and start again. You will never know. So TAKE A RISK!


Professional blogging will be right for you if you have the mind set of being the boss of your own. Before I started blogging I already have read blog posts that you can really make money using your blog through services, membership sites, selling products and affiliate marketing.

I am not one of those cliche bloggers who started blogging as a hobby. You can really see the difference of those people who started a blog with a business plan in mind than those hobby bloggers online.

So bringing you back to the topic, professional blogging is right for you if you have an entrepreneur spirit aiming to reach his/her goal to be a Blog Boss (#IAmABlogBoss).



One of your main purposes to start a blog is to send a message to your readers. Do you want to inspire them? Do you want to help them?

If you answered yes to both my questions, then, you are might just be tackling the right path that is perfect for you.

If you love writing as a blogger, then, there is a big chance that underlying your written words is a message, a mission or a moral between the lines in your blog post.

You not only write with the thought and prospect of business and money. But you also write, because you want your readers to learn something from your writings.

You want to leave a mark on them. You want to be an advocate, or you want to help people starting out the path that you’ve now cross.

Those were just a few instances in which a potential blogger can send his message. Ask yourself, do you want to send a message, too? And if yes, how do you think you will do it?

If you are only blogging for fame or wealth, then, better not blog at all as it may only end badly.


Now, I know we are not learning Values Education for us to learn self discipline. But contrary to popular belief, self discipline plays a valuable role in blogging.

To be able to start a blog, to be able to update regularly, to be able to interact with your readers you must discipline yourself.

With all the hard work that comes in package with blogging, your schedule is bound to be packed. You will not even have time to eat or sleep anymore during the more intense and busy stages of blogging. Not even time to bond with your family.

But in order for things to be organized, you must keep with you a schedule.

And you must have self discipline in order to follow this strict schedule so that you aren’t missing out on your blog and at the same time, you are still in contact with your family.


And speaking of time, you must have the time to build, manage, and keep eye of your blog. You must have time, time, time, TIME! Without time, otherwise, how will you take care of your blog for it to sprout into something big?

Before blogging, ask yourself questions.

1.      Do I have work? And how long do I work in a day? Or in a week? Do I have free time during the weekends? If you’re answers are all negative, then, there are two choices.

Blogging might not be right for you or you may give up your work and start to blog, but you see, your blog doesn’t have a guarantee sticker that it’ll be successful. Which brings us back to TAKING A RISK.

2.      How much free time do I have? How do I normally spend this free time? If you spend your extra time by doing unproductive things, it is probably right for you to take this time and create money from it.

3.      Do you have other commitments? Maybe you’re a church volunteer or you are already managing a Facebook page. Examine your other commitments if you can juggle multiple things at once.

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Having a successful blog does not happen overnight. It is not an easy process. And at the mere least, it is a very difficult and challenging process for your blog to start from rags to riches.

So you must have the patience to wait for it. Patience is a virtue, they say.

You must have the patience to work hard for your blog. You must have the patience to watch people approach it. You must have patience to do things for your blog’s benefit.

Because otherwise, without patience, your blog will not become successful.



If you think people will come to like you, because of your personality, don’t even think twice with blogging.

If you are naturally friendly and surrounded by people all the time, then, there is a big chance that success will come to your blog. Having a nice personality will already set you apart from other bloggers.

Now, you might be confused as people will not know you through blogging, it’s not like you are running a YouTube channel or something.

But, your personality will reflect on your words. As stated earlier and on previous blog posts, writing like you are talking in a conversational and friendly manner is the way to go.

And without good humility and nice personality, your writing will only become dull, flat and boring.

But with a person having bright and cheerful personality, the words are bound to be enjoyed by the readers as they will have dynamic and enjoyment in them. This is the kind of writing that readers will prefer.

And in the cases of public appearance, of conversing and interacting with your fans in real life, you must have a nice personality to be able to create a pleasing atmosphere that they will come back to.

So before you even start buying domain names, web hosting or other shenanigans, you should compose a business plan that will really boost your spirit and encourage you more to really push your blog and turn it into a business.

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Now it’s your turn. What other Ways or Reasons do you know to figure out if blogging is really right for you?