ways to overcome and defeat stress


It might be the morning traffic and the sun beating down on you as you rush to school or work, or it might be the piles and piles of undone paperwork on your desk.

Sometimes, it’s your never-ending to-do list for the day, and sometimes it’s an overly demanding boss or professor who intimidates you a lot. You see, stress is everywhere in our lives.

However, our reaction to these stressors is the key factor if we are stressed out ourselves or not. Believe it or not, the level of stress we let into our day to day living is within our control – we can let them rule our lives or we can beat them.

Read on for ways to overcome stress and let’s win at life by battling them out.

1 | Know the source of your stress well

When you know the root of your worrying and anxiety, you know what you are dealing with head to head. This makes it more manageable, if not easier, to solve and get over with.

If you are all over the place with fear of your work because of looming deadlines, then you are definitely drowning yourself in stress without getting anything done.

Why not list down all the tasks you have to do? By doing this, you are itemizing the things you have ahead of you thus preparing yourself to tackle them systematically. 

2 | Control what you can, let go of what you can’t

The everyday mix of our stressors is made up of things that are within and beyond our control. It’s not your fault if your printer jammed at the worst time possible, or that a teammate showed up late for a presentation.

Cool off, breathe, let it go. There’s no point in stressing yourself out over things that you can’t do anything about. Instead, find alternate routes of fixing these pop-up problems to accomplish your tasks because these are definitely things that you can do something about, that you have control over. 


3 | Have a network of support

Friends and family are our rock in life both in the good times and the bad. Having them as your never-ending supply of strength and support is essential to your life.

Who would ever survive this world alone? Absolutely no one. So when you find yourself in the midst of life’s hard mumbo jumbo, turn to your best friend, or your mom, or anyone your heart is close to.

Don’t shy away from asking help from them. Ask for an attentive ear, or ask for a helping hand. They are there for you.

4 | Keep a positive outlook day in, day out

Fill your day with optimism! Condition your psyche to be open in seeing the good in life. Have a positive disposition, give yourself positive self-talk, engage in positive reflection, and think about positive thoughts.

What goes on in our minds is a very powerful driving force of our deeds. If you are faced with an overwhelming project or a final exam in a difficult subject, don’t freeze in fear.

Learn to trust in your guts and develop your own mantra. The classic “I can do this!” will take you a long way.


5 | Live healthily!

Eat right, drink sufficiently, exercise regularly, and have enough sleep. Do these things and not only your body but also your mind will be well-equipped (and very healthy too) to take the endless challenges of every day.

You will have a high immunity to illnesses, you will be more energized and more alert, and you will feel good overall. These sums up to great productivity and efficiency in whatever you are working on. Hence a stress-free, fulfilling day!

6 | You deserve a break

All of us burn out, too. We might have gotten to the point in our lives where we have just been doing too much, taking too much work than we can manage and using up all our energy (and maybe sanity as well).

That is why it is important to stop and take a break. Be it a 20-minute power nap or a weekend off to the beach or quiet time by the garden, you have to take a break.

A timeout is necessary because it allows you to recharge, clear out your head and refresh. Surely, when you get back to what you are doing, you’d be very pumped up.


7 | Do simpler, little things that instantly make you happy

If you have a sweet tooth, munch on a cookie. If you have your favorite TV show, catch an episode. If you are a dog lover, scroll over dog Instagram accounts.

If you have that one pop song you can’t get out of your head, listen to it on Spotify. Take away your exhaustion, your uneasiness and your stresses for a while and replace it with instant, spot-on happiness by doing these little things.

8 | Manage your time well

This one is a no-brainer: all of us need to develop this skill not only to overcome our life’s stresses but to succeed in our life in general.

When you delegate your time wisely, not only do you help yourself to be organized and be aware of all that you have to do, you are also cutting back on your time to perform these.

Good scheduling ensures you continued productivity, clarity in your work and a sense of fulfillment. 

9. Don’t work hard, work smart

It is instilled to us over the years the idea that to get to your goals you have to work hard. You have to work really, really hard. But that might not be totally true.

Working very hard is noble, yes, but it cannot be denied that it is also near impossible if required on a day-to-day basis. We just can’t be working like a dog all day, every day.

So what’s the way around it? The answer is to work smart. This goes hand in hand with time management: when you work smart, you prioritize. You put your best efforts and energy to the most important, most prominent tasks you have in hand.

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10. Surrender it all to God; Pray

Stress kills us slowly in an emotional and mental way. Let us all remember that stress is just a simple burnout in our mind. If you are stressed about your studies, finances or whatsoever just meditate and pray to God.

Surrender all the stress factors to Him for He can give us the peace of mind that we really deserve. God is bigger than anything in this world so let Him help you to remove the stress that bugs you completely.

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”-Philippians 4:13

Stress is a fact of life (friends, better accept that now) but that does not mean that it should eat out our happiness and peace of mind. Life can still be very fun and enjoyable if you would only know how to keep your cool and clarity of mind when faced with stressful things.

Put these things into mind! Trust me, you’ll be upbeat, energetic and wrinkle-free in the midst of the hubbub of life. Let those stress factors go away from you and just pray to God, surrender all of it to Him and you’ll feel the lightness on your shoulders that you deserve.

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What other ways can you think that we can do to completely remove stress in our lives?