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An important key into having a successful blog is proper and effective way of communication with your blogging team. You need to have a solid online platform in which you can easily send your blogging team texts or urgent calls for projects and different tasks.

In this article, seven ways will be discussed to efficiently communicate with your blogging team. Here, different online platforms or applications will be discussed to set up a meeting with your blogging team.

Before starting, let’s have a brief discussion about how important it is to communicate with your blogging team.

Your blogging team is composed of people who are assigned different responsibilities and tasks. They help you manage your blog and take care of it.

They are writers, and other bloggers who’ll help to manage your blog when you are away, or who’ll help to update your blog regularly when you are struggling and your schedule’s been rough.

It’s important to have a proper communication with these people to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings that will reflect on your blog, that some of your readers may catch.

It is also important to properly communicate with them so you can easily contact them during emergencies. And to assign particular tasks to each one of them, you need a proper communication system. And in times that an immediate online meeting must be held, you can easily contact all of them thru these online platforms or applications.


1 | Communication through E-mail

Of course, number one in the list is the good old e-mailing platforms that existed even before social networking sites were living in the internet.

Communication through E-mailing is communicating in e-mail platforms such as G-mail or Yahoo!Mail. It’s pretty easy to use and you can easily attach any kind sort of file into your E-mail exchanges for easier communication.

If you want to send a screenshot/picture as an example, you can easily attach the picture and send it to your blogging team right away. Likewise, other file formats are also supported. Even PSD or AI files for exchanging graphical designs for your blog are possible.

You may also easily send links to each other, and right away type up some instructions.

E-mailing between more than two people is also possible as you can add people in the conversation so that everyone can see the messages on the conversation. It works similarly as a group-chat or chat-box in Messengers does.

E-Mail tends to be more in the professional side as E-mailing has been a very popular platform for professional business between companies. But there is no rule that states you can’t use E-mail for sending messages to your blogging team.

In fact, in the early days of the internet, before Messenger or social messaging sites have been invented, people exchanged messages through the good-old Yahoo! mailing system. Friends, lovers, or faraway loved-ones used E-mail to send friendly messages.

Using E-mail as a platform, however, comes with disadvantages/cons as well. As many people tend to only have one E-mail for multiple purposes.

They use it to sign up for subscriptions, or it is connected to their social networking accounts on Facebook and Twitter. So your blogging team may receive a ton of other E-mails, and your E-mail will be buried under the pile of all junk mail your blogging team receives.

That will be pretty inconvenient if your message is urgent or it is an emergency. Your blogging members might just have missed it, from under all the pile of other E-mail they receive.

2 | Communication through Facebook or Messenger

You knew this would be included in the list as well, didn’t you? Mark Zuckerberg’s great founding is now the greatest and fastest social networking site in the world in which millions of messages are exchanged in as well.

Communication through Facebook or Messenger is as easy as one-two-three. Sending a message is easily as you can easily type it up, and click the ‘send’ button.

Like E-mailing, you can also share some files to each other through Facebook or Messenger. But it does not support heavy file formats or even PSD or AI files.

So you may need to upload it on your Google Drive before sending the link to your blogging team.

A feature that Facebook/Messenger has that E-mailing doesn’t have is that you can call your staff team or even induce a group call in which you can video-call each other all at once!

This may require good internet connection, however. As weak internet signal may cause call disruption. But other than that, if you feel lazy, and you don’t want to type long instructions, you can call them right away and give your instructions verbally.

Or if you would want an online-face-to-face meeting with your team members this is a great feature for you!

You can access on your desktop or laptop. And if you are away from home, and all you have is your cellphone, you can check the Messenger app (which can be downloaded for free) on your phone.

Another bonus is that you can control notification and preview settings so that you won’t miss even a single message. The messenger notification sound is loud, alarming and crisp and easily attracts attention so it’s impossible to miss a message.

Or if you have photos, videos or special announcements that you don’t want to be buried under all the pile of messages, you can set up a Facebook group with your blogging team in which you can post these announcements and even pin them on the top so nobody will miss it.


3 | Meetings and messaging by Viber

Just like Messenger, Viber is also a messaging-app, which enables you to send messages, emoticons or even have calls between each other.

Like Messenger, it can also be used for every kind of device so it is pretty convenient. Especially if you are away from home and urgent blog activities are need as soon as possible. You can easily access Viber through any kind of device – your phone, your desktop, or even your iMac.

A perfect practical feature that Viber has is that it displays all the media sent into a gallery.

It is where all photos, videos or links are gathered so that if you wish to revisit or see previously sent files, you can easily check the media gallery so nothing ever gets lost in contact or no more endless scrolling up looking for a lost link. In here, everything is compiled neatly.

Another feature that Viber has is that you can easily send files to each other. You can send files through any kind of conversation, one-on-one’s, group chats, or even public chats.

You can even send two files at the same time which saves time and hassle is just out-right practical. The only con about this however, is that you need to have a compatible version with the file in order to be able to open it.

The best part? It’s free! So you aren’t wasting money over a crappy communication app that does not do its job. Viber has better sound quality than regular costs which you pay for.

It’s very easy to set up as your blogging team would just need to install the app, and you’re all good to go.

For meetings, you can have the group chat option or if you want a more physical-feel, like you are all in a meeting room together, you can have the group call option.

4 | KakaoTalk Messaging Option

Another popular instant messaging app is KakaoTalk. It is more of the eastern version of Viber as it originated from South Korea and is used by almost all Korean smartphone users.

You can easily send typed-up messages to your blogging team or even have group chats so all of you can have discussions and actively participate on meetings together.

KakaoTalk is available on a variety of devices. You can access it through your smartphone or your desktop or personal computers. This feature is particularly important as not all the time you’re beside your computer or with your smartphone.

Your smartphone could be charging or damaged, so at the mean time you have other means to stay in contact with your blogging team.

You can’t exactly send files using KakaoTalk but there’s always the “upload to Google Drive then share the link” option. You can send messages, or voice messages and photos or videos.

You can even use the KakaoTalk emojis exclusively on KakaoTalk (like Neo and Freddy) and send it to your blogging team for more happiness. (It’s not really practical as some emojis are for sale, but it’s cute.)

Announcements can even be posted on the group chat so nobody can miss it. It is usually posted at the top of the group chat as a pop-up box that doesn’t close.

KakaoTalk is more of a social messaging app than for a professional one. But nonetheless, it does its job and it’s effective. Not to mention, you can select your own personal preference for your notification sound so you can never miss any upcoming message from your blogging team.

5 | Have a meeting with your team through WhatsApp

Another popular online messaging app in the West is WhatsApp. WhatsApp actually supports PDF, GIF file formats so you can save your Photoshop or Illustrator designs in PDF file format and send it to your blogging team.

But if you prefer having them on PSD and AI formats (the editable files), you can still use the good old “upload to other websites and share-link” method.

Like other messaging apps, it has one-to-one chats, and group chats perfect for your blogging team. And a bonus for WhatsApp is that you can actually call your blogging members just through internet connection. If you want to give quick updates, you can send them a call right away.

And another bonus of WhatsApp is that you can sync it with whatever device you are using so you can easily keep up with the conversation. Just in case your phone dies down, or you are away from your personal computer, checking messages is fairly easy.

Another cool feature of WhatsApp is that you can send voice messages which makes it even more convenient.

6 | Talk through your blogging team by WeChat

And yet, another messaging app makes it on this list. WeChat is a messaging app originally developed from China. It is a very popular messaging app between Chinese smartphone users.

You can exchange messages, broadcasts (one-to-many calls), voice messages, video conferencing and photos or videos through WeChat.

Again, it doesn’t have a send-file option but there’s always a link sharing option in which you upload the file to other file-supporting platforms and share links together.

A major downside of WeChat however is that it’s only exclusive for smartphones, and selected kinds of smartphones only.

So it is pretty inconvenient, and you must always have your phone right beside you to never miss any upcoming message from your team members of your blog.

Another major downside of WeChat is that not every feature is for free, some does come for a price.

WeChat is just perfect for instant messaging. So if you prefer and if you think you’ll only need instant messaging between you co-staffs of the team, go for WeChat.


7 | Messaging through LINE

LINE is another popular instant messaging app powered by Naver (sort-of the Google of South Korea). Like WeChat, it almost has the same features.

It offers instant messaging, video conferences, video and photo sharing but has VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) conversations.

It’s just like WeChat, but a Korean version of one. Most LINE features such as stickers and games are more of socially-convenient and not really convenient for your blogging team.

But it’s still perfect if you just prefer to send messages over each other.

And it can be used on a variety of devices which is a bonus.

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