freelance writing career for college students


A life of a college student is really tough, you are busy keeping up with your class and maintaining good grades. You often need to participate in some events on the campus that you are required to attend.

Also, you have responsibilities in your family that you need to fulfill. With this kind of busy life, there are times that we ended up being broke especially every last week of the month.

You think of ways of earning a good income while studying and this can be a huge challenge. Most students seek for a job that will fit into their schedule; jobs where you have to work thirty to fifty hours a week before or after class.

Sometimes you just can’t find a spare moment to finish all your requirements that you need for your studies. It may leave you to wonder that it seems impossible to balance everything and it also leaves you restless.

Freelance writing is an excellent choice for students who have this kind of dilemma. College life is the perfect time for you to start your career as a freelancer; where you get to expose yourself to other fields and different ambiance from your school environment.

You can get access to skillful sources and array of opinion from different resources that lead you to create great ideas. But having good sources and creating ideas are just the beginning of your freelancing career.

Writing will let your mind explore your surroundings, it will let you study and create ideas about life issues, family, someone’s inspirational story, technologies, and nature.

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Getting Started

The idea of being a freelance writer can really be discouraging to most people. Well, in every field that we take, the first step is always the most exciting yet scariest moment.

Nothing will happen if you won’t take that step and stick on your fear. After all, having access to a variety of sources are now easy in our modern world, expose yourself to the topics about writing get ideas about what you read and learn from it.


Trial and Error Period

You might face errors and failures at first, it is normal, do not be daunted by those failures, instead, learn and improve your skills from your failures.

Take your environment as resources, do not depend on what your sources say or do, make observations and hear others thoughts about the topic that you going to write because they are a huge help in creating ideas on what you going to write.

Again it is normal if you fail at first just take a stand and learn from it, most of the people got stunned at first, don’t do what most people do, nothing will work if you won’t finish what you have started.

Always communicate

Writing isn’t just about write what you think. You also need to communicate to create better ideas and compose a good article or blog.

Communicate to editors that will proofread your work, it is normal to communicate to others and seek help, you are just starting in this kind of career, it will surely help you to improve your skills and expand your creative mind in writing. Be timely, clear and brief on your writings.

Time Management

Pressure cannot beat you if you know how to manage your schedules at home, at school, and in your freelance writing career.

Make sure you have time for everything, as in right length of time at everything, so you won’t be a rush with the things that you needs to finish.

Once you’ve done things you will be amazed on how you work things out. Remember to do things that need to be done first before anything else.

Doing things in a rush can make your work more chaotic. The magic of time management has an organized and successful outcome.

Go after great outcomes

Do not write if your standards are for “it’s just okay”. Take writing as an early track of your career not just because you need to earn money.

Focus on what you write and write what you love, that will be your best path if your heart is in it, because you will be able to express every thought that plays in your mind clearly.

And always remember to be you even if you are just writing a simple article, people have different personalities, as well as in writing, writers have different thoughts, ideas, and styles.

Always check your work before you post or send it, as a writer there are never ending ideas plays on our mind, by checking your work, you might make some changes that will make your work a masterpiece.

Every chance that you take is a huge opportunity to achieve great outcomes.


Network as if you live for it

Perhaps, you already have a huge network, but how do you use it? Searching for New sources in Google or following your favorite bloggers or writers and connecting to them on a regular basis will help you to expand your network.

You can also connect to a group on your campus that will help you work through your topics that you are about to write and a teacher who can be your mentor.

By networking, you can learn more thing about writing and create ideas that will best suit you.

A lot of people loves to write a different kind of things, some write in newspapers, some in their diary or journals, and some are like us publishing a writing through the internet.

There are different ways in writing different styles and different stories behind the writing. Even the Most successful writers experienced the worst scenario that you’ve ever imagine.

Writing career is no easy task, it is a huge challenge especially for the beginners, there steps that you need to take and some of it discouraged us that we almost give it up yet it gives you a good ending once you overcome it.

Every stage that we take is very fulfilling. Writing won’t just give us a job to earn a decent income, it also help us in some other of ways that we are not aware.

freelance writing career for college students

So, here it goes:

It gives you time to think.

Pouring your thoughts and emotions on your paper and on your screen is a good way to think better, it helps you analyze the situation that you are experiencing, you can make a better reflection and helps you to improve your thinking process.

Better in communication.

Since you think better now, you can now communicate really well, through written or verbal communication, you are able to voice out your thoughts and listen to others opinion. You can have more sense when you listen, speak and think.

It expands your list.

There are times that you can’t get enough of what you know, as a writer you never stop exploring, learning new things that will help your personal life and your freelance writing career. Explore by going to some interesting places, and reading books that bore us before.

Curiosity strikes you.

Writing will make you even more curious how life works, which will make you understand other people’s life and way of thinking. You began to ask “How do they do that? Why do they do that? What shall I do then?

Gives you more patience.

As I said earlier writing is no easy task, if you are short tempered it won’t really be easy for you to take this a new career or hobby, improving and working on your writings takes patience and as time goes by, as you develop your knowledge about writing, you also develop your patience through better character towards your work.

It leads you to accept criticism.

In every issue of life, there are ones who is going to go on the opposite side, as for us. Expect that people are going to criticize your work no matter how hard you work for it. But instead don’t look at its negative side, through theses criticism it will give you some ideas on how you are going to improve your work and skills.

You create your followers.

Writing will help you create followers, people who will get interested and will once or will always read your blog or post, follower will also be your network that will help you through your writing career, they look forward to your articles and they surely get benefit from it, and sometimes from being follower they can also be your client who needs a writer, that will help you open doors of opportunity for you as a writer.


Writing is such a huge thing, there are things that you need to learn, it hard at first yet it is fulfilling when you are done with it, once you write put yourself in it, write what you like and what you love, make your own style in writing introduce yourself through your topics and style of writing, we never know who is going to read it. There are billions of people out there open you to the world of internet.

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