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Being a freelance writer was never the easiest online job there is. As freelance writers, we produce high-quality articles for entrepreneurs and big bloggers for them to maintain their authority online.

Personally, I dug into freelance writing because of the perks introduced by seasoned freelance writers before, knowing that those are just baits for you to buy their expensive e-courses.

Plenty of freelance writers nowadays are stuck with middlemen like Upwork earning below average of the standard pricing. I know a lot of writers earning big time on freelancing sites but its like 10-20% of the total number of freelancers signed up in those websites. Most of them are earning pennies instead.

That’s why after a year of being signed up with several freelancing sites, I’ve decided to take it up a notch and build a service-based website. I have been blogging for a year before I started freelance writing but it’s just a hobby where I share all my shenanigans in life.

I know I can make money through advertisements using my lifestyle blog before but I didn’t pursue it. Writing informative article is what I love and I don’t want to distract readers with ads sucking all the attention away from my content.

That’s why I decided to focus my blog and shift my target to freelance writers. Going back to the topic, I will share you the steps I took on how I started my professional freelance writing website affordably.

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1 | Take time to think about your Writing Service

The first order of business, is defining what you are good at, what services you will be providing your customers. As a writer, the same rule applies, define what specialization you are good at, whether it would be more of technical writing, blog posts, SEO based content, and general information articles, you need to be specific.

Yes, we know, defining your writing services can either be easy or hard, but you should know that it isn’t impossible. It’s just a matter of defining how you can be different from other writers, who are engaged in the same business as you. 

So now, the question is, how can I be different? The answer is actually quite simple. Be complacent and confident about your skills. Take note, all clients and future partners, do not want a weak willed partner or worker, they want somebody who knows what they are doing, someone who can deliver, someone who loves what they do and can genuinely do a good job.

The next question is, how will you be able to offer your skills in the same way and with the same enthusiasm even if you think you wont be able to pull it off? If you are not too confident with yourself just yet, here are a few tips to help put you on the right path:

a | Define your current skill set – when we say, “Define your current skill set”, we mean the skills that you already have. What do you have right now, that you can associate very closely with your writing style? How will you be able to offer these skills to your client?

If you have already launched your business, and you have come up with the copy yourself, built the website yourself, and basically did everything yourself with minimal supervision from others, and just plain no help from anyone else, you can include this as a skill set that you already have. If not a skill set, then it can be considered a personal strength of yours.

Take note, that when you indicate what skills you have, offer to show off. No, we do not mean in a boastful, arrogant kind of way, but in a business sense, where in you personally initiate to show samples of your work.

That way, your clients see the confidence, but at the same time they do not feel that they are being persuaded or forced into working with you. Think of it as enticing, if the client sees how eager you are, and how knowledgeable you are with what you do, the more that they will become interested.

b | Think about your educational achievements and skills – another way that you can define your skill set, is by remembering where you naturally excelled at while you were still studying. What awards did you win?  What subjects were your highest? What projects did you complete? What course did you take and what valuable information did you learn? How can it help your business? How can you offer what you know to your client?

Sometimes it is also good to write everything down, so that you can compare the information you have about yourself, and come up with a way to turn it into something you can use for your business, especially when it comes to helping your clients.

c | Define your personal interests – of course, part of the reason why you are opening your business, is because you love what you are doing. Since you already have the passion, how will you take your interest, and turn it into something that your clients will be able to benefit from?

What writing style do you have? What topics do you like to write about most of the time? Can you say that you specialize in a certain expertise? Or are you flexible enough to talk about anything? Are you the type of person who likes to talk to the reader?

Or are you more of a 3rd person writer? As soon as you find out what interests you, the faster you will be able to know what to provide your clients.

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2 | Choose a blog niche related to your services

Now that you have successfully defined your skill set, it is now time for you to pick a niche that will not only be alluring to your potential visitors, but also spark an interest in potential clients and partners. You might be asking yourself, will anyone read the content I produce online? It may seem like a terrifying question, but it is a very crucial one.

If you are fully committed to making your site both profitable and popular, you will have to read, and write about your topic as if promoting it for a period of time. It will also mean that you’ll have to invest more than an hour a day to this task, in short literally gamble with your time.

So, how will you be able to approach this scenario in a sense that it will be both productive and effective? Will you just write anything that you find interesting, in the hopes that someone will notice what you write? Or are you going to research, plan, and carefully consider your niche, in a way that you make your content simply irresistible to readers?

One thing is for sure; you do not necessarily have to start from scratch, because there are a lot of slow growing niche markets out there that are desperate for a copywriter such as yourself, and with the expertise that you have. Even better, these types of niche industries, have little to no competition from other copywriters, so the best idea would be to pick one of these and start from there.

Sometimes, it also helps to do a keyword search.  Of course, it is never possible to know for sure what people will like, especially if you haven’t created it, but you will be able to see through keyword research, which topics are the most popular through search engines.

You can use this information to compare different topics beside one another and see from there, which are the most popular and the most visited.

If you want to know more about finding the perfect niche for your blog, YOU CAN READ THE POST I WROTE HERE. 


3 | Pick a Business Name

The next step of the process is picking a business name. This is the easiest part, however, there a lot of things that you need to consider before coming up with a name that will represent your business.  

First of all things, you will need to consider the nature of your business. What you write about, and how you think it will affect the reader’s judgment of your site. If for example you want your blog to be all about plumbing, house renovation and etc., then your business name should be something related, like “house kings”, or renovation giants”, whatever you choose, make sure that it is related to your blog.

Next that you will need to consider, is the length of your business name. If the name is too long, people will forget what it is. Come up with something that is short but concise, and at the same time piercing to the reader’s eyes.

Make it catchy. A business with a catchy name grabs attention, you can try rhyming your words together or you can also try experimenting with words. But again, take note of your theme.

4 | Purchase a Web Hosting and Domain Name

If you are going to invest time into making a professional website, with your professional services, do not sign up for free websites. Since you want people to take your services seriously, you must stick to the professionalism. Besides, you do not want to get flagged for illegal reasons right?

In the world of business, everything has to be SERIOUS. No employer will trust your service, if you do not host your business on a properly purchased website.

If you want to try and legitimize your website, a .com domain name will usually cost $12 at most, along with good hosting benefits for even less the money per year.

Just imagine, you will only be investing something this small as a start up, with high chances of earning four, five or maybe even six figures and more in the future.

Think about the possibilities, and think forward. Would you rather get flagged for being a cheap business owner? Or would you rather spend a small amount in high hopes of earning twice the money as what you invested?

If you want to try this out for yourself, you can purchase a domain name at, while you can get a very reliable web host at Blue Host.

I personally use Capitan Hosting to run my freelance website, they only offer $16/6 months (I’m not even kidding). It’s very affordable and just like Blue Host, they have a 1-click easy WordPress install included in the host. You will also get a free domain name alongside with the hosting package you will purchase.

Once you have sorted everything out, potential clients and business partners will start taking you seriously.


5 | Select a WordPress Theme

After you have successfully purchased your website host and domain name, the next step to becoming a certified online business owner, is coming up with a clean and simple website design that is both tempting and enough to spark interest in visitors.  Take note that the more cluttered your website looks, the less chances of having visitors at your site.

While there are a lot of good looking website templates out there, you can also create your own through hiring web developers and web designers out there. The idea is to come up with a color scheme, that you think will best describe your business. Remember, the overall look of your website will determine how you are as a business owner, so make sure to express it through the look of your website.

6 | Write Essential Pages (About, Contact, Legal, etc.)

Let us ask you a question, when you look at something that you are generally interested in, what is the first thing you look at? Do you look at the products they sell? The amount of satisfied customers that the business has? Or do you look at the credibility of the company? Like the about page to be specific?

The reason why we are asking, is because we want you to be aware, that part of becoming legit, is having a clear, simple, and straight to the point background of your company where readers, and visitors will be able to view your information.

This normally includes links to your company’s information, like your contact information, legal pages, feedback page, comments page and etc. in this part of your website, make sure to communicate to your readers what you have accomplished, how long you have been a writer, what you are passionate about, your goal, and your reason for why they should pick you among other writers out there.

Take note, the more detailed the more legitimate and trustworthy you will be.

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7 | Create a Portfolio Page

Another thing that you should probably include is the mandatory self-portrait and personal description of yourself. When clients and potential investors are interested, they will want to look at you as a person, how you look, how you project yourself, what you do, and how you act towards other people.

In short, they will want to profile the person that they will potentially be doing business with, so make sure that you provide them with full details through a personal portfolio page.

Take note, that it is a turn off to potential investors and clients to come across someone’s business blog, and not know that it is actually owned by a freelance writer. Generally, everything wont matter to them, if the your clients cannot hire you. 

So, with that being said, make your website and personal portfolio as inviting as possible. Remember, that your goal is to get people interested, not push them away.


8 | Craft a Detailed Service Page

This part of your website, should be considered one of the most important. When a client looks at your page, you must ensure that you include all of your services. We do not mean just list it down, but we mean that you include all of the necessary details your potential clients will need to consider, for them to pick you as a writer.

Take note, that the information you put on this part of your website, should be thought about carefully. Employers are very sensitive to high prices, and wrongly worded blogs. In order for you to get past this, positive scripting is often a good idea.

Make sure that when you come up with copy, it naturally depicts your positivity and commitment towards completing a project with your clients.

Stay clear of words like unfortunately, unluckily, and others, that will inflict negative emotions to your readers.

9 | Come up with at least 5-10 blog posts

Another that you will want to add to your website, is at least 5 – 10 blog posts. Creating blog posts will give your clients, potential partners and visitors an idea of your writing style.

Use this to your advantage, make sure that you come up with useful and informative information on your blog posts, so that your clients will be able to gauge your capabilities based on what you write on your website.

Take note, that everything shouldn’t be too long. Make sure to come up with articles that are short but straight to the point, and at the same time easy to understand.

how to start a professional freelance writing website

10 | Publish your website!

Finally, the last step of the process, after you have successfully tweaked all the essential areas of your website, you can now publish your site with flying colors.  Before you do so though, it would probably be a good idea for you to optimize your website for search engines. When we say optimize, we mean fill up your blog posts with keywords (but not stuff it with nonsense).

Of course, you cannot use just any keywords; make sure that when you come up with these, it has to be relevant to the nature of your business. So for example you own a website that is about clothing, you can come up with long tail keywords like “special dresses”, “clothing stores”, of if you have a specific audience that you want to target, you can try “clothing stores in Washington”.

By creating keywords, you give readers, potential partners, and clients a chance to view your site, because the words that you use will come up on Google’s search engine. 

After you have managed to do everything properly, you can now be confident that your website will gain an audience, and at the same time gain the clients that you need to make your online writing website a success.


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