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Are you already a freelance writer or are you simply progressing to be one? Perhaps by now you already understand that being a writer isn’t any simple task.

And you’re currently seeking for tactics on a way to attract clients and get paid. Freelance writing isn’t simply “I am a writer. Hire me”, it’s completely different from the traditional approach of seeking employment. You’ve got to achieve information and skill before you get your first client.

How often you blog? Do you blog on a regular basis? Do you check the views on your blog every now and then? Do you have any other access?

How do you promote or share your blog? These are the type of queries we’d like to answer.  And of course strategize, as a writer, you’ve got to draw a concept and make it happen.

There are a lot of circumstances that you are about to face and most of it will discourage you in following your goal as a writer. You already started, why don’t you just continue walking that track?

Finding a freelance writing job is our biggest struggle, particularly for the new freelance writers. As a freelance, we get to use our blog to draw in client.

Here are the items that we might do to draw in and land high-paying writing clients.

1 | Distinguish your Freelance Writing Niche

Are you into business? Travel or food? parenting? fashion? If you want to attract clients you have to know your edge in writing.

What issues are you into? You should be eager once you write a topic on your blog; I mean you cannot write about medicine or business if you are a travel blogger.

Since your blog is your product to attract clients, you should write what you love, by this way you are able to get inspired in writing and to enjoy every moment of being a blogger or a writer.

You have the courage to do your goal if your passion is in it.

2 | Improve and develop

You are a writer not because you had it as an inborn talent but, because you decided to go on that track. Even in the other field like dancing and singing, they do not excel if they don’t experience failure and pain and undergo training. Skills are meant to be discovered, learned and developed to reach its excellence.

This means learning things on how will you market your business; handle your clients or it means being professional for a skill.

Be updated; learn about the new trends and tools that you can use in improving your skill. We never know who is going to view our blog, every viewer are possible clients, and with your blog and skills, the client will see if you are easy to work with or if you are worthy enough to work with them. 

3 | Guest post

As a writer, you can also write for different blogs or websites. You’ve got to reveal your name through the web.

One of the easy ways to do this is to write for different blogs, post your website or market your bio; people who are searching for a writer will simply contact you and get hired straightaway. As you build numbers of the client, you also get to create your portfolio and eventually, get paid to guest post.

Guest posting is best for those bloggers who just started; seeking for clients to render writing services and of course, to earn good or maybe higher income.


4 | Add worth to your blog

I am not talking about the cost, however the worth of words that you simply produce in writing. We tend to write for others however you don’t write to put your words in it but to produce words that have an excellent worth.

This is also about providing different spices on your work, where it ought to be engaging, informative, provides smart strategy, has photos, and every one can liven up along with your writing ability that your client will certainly love.

5 | Treat your blog as if it’s your client

Always spare some time on your blog, although you write for others, it doesn’t mean that you should forget to write for your own. It’ll continually be the source of your client and they evaluate your skills by reading the content of your blog.

Blog frequently set a schedule on composing your blog and when to post. You must continuously give plans on blogging.

6 | Get reviews from your current clients

Reviews! This is the best proof that your past clients are satisfied with your work. These reviews from your current clients also attract new ones to hire you and try your skills in writing.

And those clients may also recommend you to others, which is really good for us writers. Impress all your clients.

Whether they offer to pay you more than what you expect or not, always give your best shot in every article that you’ll going to write.

Your career in writing always depends on your work no matter how easy or hard it is, each of your clients can also act as your marketing agent, for they can recommend you and help you to gain more clients and give you a high paying project, which is your target.


7 | Always be available.

As what most people usually hear, online workers can set their own time to work, yes it is true, but if you don’t work, you don’t have a client and if you don’t have a client you have nothing to earn.

What I mean about this availability is your time to communicate with your clients even your viewers who try to connect to you, remember that they came all over the world, they have different time zones so it is wise if you check your site and email as frequent as you can.

So if want to catch a client that lands a high paying project, always be available. We never know when they will knock on your door.

8 | Tell the world who you are and what you do

If you are about to expose your name through the internet and tell the world that you are a blogger, it is wise if you will also tell them that you are a freelance writer. It is important to be specific so your audience will know what you really do.

People who surf the internet are not guessing, aside from your blog think of ways on how will you tell the people all over the internet that you are a freelance writer and that you can write for them.

9 | Have your own professional website

You don’t need to consult with a web designer just to have this kind of website; there are many sites that offer help in building your own in the easiest way.

It is easy for the clients to find a writer, who works at home, and it is easy for you to work and it will be more comfortable for you.

But you can also find a place where you can work, a place that is easy to find and get access to you and your portfolio.

Own a simple site, design it with your personality and a comfortable place to work, then your life as a blogger and freelancer will be amazing.

10 | Strategize

As a blogger you get to market your own name and site, and also the skills that you possess, you have to know who to target and know details about them. You have to know how you will get connected with them, and there are more steps to do. As you get better with your writing skills, plan ahead on how will you able to reach your goal.

There is no easy way to success so be wise and strategize everything properly, though it takes time and effort.


Being a blogger is a wise decision to make if you are into writing. To be a writer doesn’t mean you have to write and produce a book; in our modern world there are many paths to take to pursue writing. And one of it is having your own site, then write and blog and write and blog.

As you start with this kind of life don’t get offended with the people discouraging you, always look at the positive side and focus on what you love to do. Bring out your passion.

As time goes by, from being a new blogger you are able to develop and improve your skills, you also get to expand your networks and build the numbers of your viewers, and eventually build the number of you clients.

Clients will come to you, ask for help, render your service and impress them. Always be available, always communicate and be open minded so that there will be no misunderstanding and give your best shot to provide the article that they need.

As you work with your clients you will be able to learn more not just about writing but also the other fields that can help you to improve and develop your writing career.

Do your thing and have fun.

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