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Due to several e-mails, I have decided to put up a Blogging Tools Page where you can see all the Blogging Tools I use to run this blog smoothly and successfully. Many professional bloggers have done this and I consider myself one so my blog needs to have this kind of page too.


WordPress – I use Self-hosted WordPress to run my blog. Before, I was using Blogger because it’s free but I’ve realized the importance of having a self-hosted blog which you can be proud of. I’m not saying that Blogger blogs are not professional (Actually, a lot of them are ugly so.. ) but telling other bloggers and some potential clients that you host your blog through a self-hosted server can make you a pro-blogger even if you are also a beginner like them. WordPress is so easy to control and understand; the control panel are pretty great and I just can’t stop loving the plug-ins and many more things that I can do with my blog using WordPress.


CAPITAN HOSTING* – I really recommend this hosting because they have quality yet affordable hosting services and it’s pretty awesome. I love the easy installation of WordPress in the administration panel of the blog using the Softaculous. I can’t say anything but the goodness Capitan Hosting brought me. You should definitely make this a choice too. The only disadvantage that this hosting has is the slowness of the activation of your WordPress blog. I’ve waited for 24 hours (I have paid the bills already) before I can manage my blog but without a doubt, they are pretty good. You can get a very big discount by Signing Up here*.


FREE WORDPRESS THEMES – Thousands of free WordPress themes are uploaded in their panel and you can choose awesome templates which you can customize and beautify. There are plenty of plug-ins which you can use to make your WordPress blog more attractive.


ETSY – There are plenty of free Blogger/WordPress themes on the internet but they have limitations; you can’t customize it completely and remove their credits to completely own your blog. That’s the reason why I bought a simple and minimalistic WordPress themes on Etsy; the choices are plenty and you can even hire someone affordably to create a Blogger template for you.  Update: I’m currently using a free WordPress template named West, it’s really customizable.


THEME FOREST* – Aside from Etsy, there’s a marketplace where you can buy Premium WordPress Themes called Theme Forest. It is under Envato which holds many types of marketplaces like audio stores and stock photographs store. You can also find affordable WordPress themes here; there are plenty of choices for you and your blog.


UNSPLASH – This website is my first choice when I’m looking for high-quality but free stock photos online. There are plenty of photos you can download on Unsplash; the site contributors update daily on the website so you shouldn’t worry about the scarcity of the photos.


ETSY – When I’m looking for Styled Stock Photos which have clean white background, I will definitely go and buy some cheap ones on Etsy. Before I decided to take my own Styled Photos, I am shopping photos here that I can use on my blog posts and stuff. Note: If you want free styled photos directly sent into your inbox, you can sign-up on my e-mail list here.


PICMONKEY – I use PicMonkey whenever I need some quick photo editing and when I’m online. It is free to use but it has advertisements that make the loading of photos a little bit slower but overall, this is a nice free photo editor to use. They have fonts in their site that is only available when you’ve purchased their paid membership.


CANVA – After using PicMonkey for a month or two, I’ve decided to take a leap into an easy-to-use software online called Canva. Also, there are lines that will tell you if the photos or text overlays are on the center or not. There is also paid graphics or something like that in Canva which is super cheap with very fantastic service.


ADOBE LIGHTROOM’S PHOTOSHOP*– Chilly Guacamole! This is my most recommended Photo Editing Tool that you can use when you have decided to take blogging as your full-time job. This is a little bit pricey but it’s worth it when you buy it. I bought the version before so I can use it every time I want without paying monthly charges. But now, they are charging members with a fee for using all their software and that’s a good thing because with a cheap rate monthly, you can use all Adobe’s features. If you need some professional graphics, you should definitely purchase this Adobe software; HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


G-SUITE (E-MAIL DOMAIN)Honestly, I had a hard time verifying my domain name with Google’s e-mail domain host because of the WiFi router that I have (You can check my Frapp Break for my rant). But after verifying it for a month now, I have successfully accomplished it. For a very cheap price of $5/month, you can benefit the professionalism it gives to you and your blog. Update: After migrating to WordPress, I’ve received a free e-mail domain from it so I don’t need G-Suite anymore.


MAILCHIMP–I highly recommend this email marketing software when you just want to send Weekly emails to your subscribers. MailChimp has a lot of templates for email newsletters and you can customize the sign-up forms easily. The tools inside this online email marketing software are so easy to use; few clicks and you’re done.


MAILERLITE* – Up till now, this is the best Email Marketing Tool that I have used in my blogging career. You can use this one for free with full access; free automation and everything. You will pay their monthly membership after you’ve reached 1001 subscribers. There are also email templates that you can use to easily craft a newsletter for your lovely subscribers. Do you want free $20 for you to use on your Email Marketing? Sign-up here and get your now.


BOARD BOOSTER* – I’ve tried other Pinterest-scheduling online tools but only BoardBooster is the easiest one to use. At first, you will get a little techy on organizing stuff like where the pins will go and come from etc. but after setting it up, you can just focus on your biz and Board Booster will take care of the pinning duties. They offer free 100 scheduled pins for first timers, you can get it by signing-up here.


BUFFER – This one is superb when it comes to scheduling Twitter and Instagram (you can also use this for Pinterest but I like BoardBooster better and I don’t use this to schedule my Facebook Posts because Facebook has its own scheduler) etc. Upon using this one, you can spend 20 minutes scheduling all the things and stuff on your social media handles and after that, you can leave the rest to Buffer.


GOOGLE ANALYTICS – This Google-made software is used by almost all the bloggers out there. The statistics given by Google Analytics are so accurate; you can also check all the trending posts in your blog and everything that can help you improve your biz. I check my blog’s statistics once a week to check if there are ups and downs.